The World EOD Foundation is a centre of influence and excellence providing an international hub around which members can gather to promote the Foundation’s aims.

The aims of the Foundation are:

1) To enhance public safety through the collection, exchange and dissemination of information, techniques and technology relating to the rendering safe, clearance and disposal of explosive devices and other materiel emanating from armed conflict, terrorism or crime.

2) The advance of technical training and education of authorised persons at appropriate levels charged with disarming explosive devices or with the large scale demilitarization of warlike munitions, explosives, chemical or biological agents. The promotion of technical research into new equipments and methodologies involving EOD, IEDD, BAC, CBRN and related counter terrorist and criminal issues

3) The promotion of techniques and methods in the investigation of all crime involving the use of explosives and materiel, their theft and illegal trafficking.

4) The relief of persons injured by explosive devices through assistance with medical care and treatment. Promoting research into blast injury, trauma and burns.

5) To improve methods of operation, devise and promote safer working practices and encourage developments in protective clothing.

The World EOD Foundation was formalised as UK Registered Charity in 1995 and as such has implemented training programmes, conducted surveys and convened conferences and other events around the world.

The World EOD Foundation is a secure, professional resource for information, international co-operation and the exchange of common experience.

Registered UK Charity Number 1062814
UK Office:
33A Church Road
WD17 4PY
Asia Pacific Office:
4 Soi Intamara 3
Suthisarn Road
Bangkok 10400
Registered UK Charity Number 1062814
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