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C-MIL is a joint initiative between the World EOD Foundation and Ex-Mil Recruitment Ltd to support the manpower requirements of the UK construction industry.

Ex-Mil Recruitment is one of the UK's oldest established recruitment services for ex-service personnel but does not currently focus on placements in civil construction. The World EOD Foundation, a UK registered charity, is establishing links with several prime civil contractors in the UK to develop a new focus for Ex-Mil Recruitment activities to home in on.

Essentially, contractors will notify their current and future requirements for plant handlers to Ex-Mil using the C-MIL designator and Ex-Mil will service these requirements with individuals already on their databases and also specifically target those leaving, or about to leave, the services. Matters such as operator licensing and alignment of training will also be developed by the World EOD Foundation in conjunction with employers, the military and accreditation agencies, thus providing Ex-Mil with a unique post-service employment package to offer their registrants.

The intention is that candidates registered under the C-MIL category on the Ex-Mil databases will be fast tracked to potential employers in the employment skills categories most required at any given moment or foreseen in future planning. Our contention is that the current and future skill shortages faced by the UK construction industry will further be exacerbated by BREXIT concerns and that the massive projects already in progress and those planned for the future can only be assured by a concerted and highly targeted plan of action to recruit ex-service personnel. We feel that too many ex-military personnel are too often siphoned off into the security and haulage industries and than not enough has been done to explain to them that the construction industry offers well paid, secure employment built on a solid professional skills base to which they can align their in-service skills training.

Our intention is that the C-MIL initiative will go live in January 2018 with a two month run up period prior to this. We are initially looking to interface, work with, and on behalf of, a small number of potential employers to prove this concept and demonstrate that the initiative can deliver the desired number of candidates in the quantities required.


Locate Ex-mil Recruitment at : https://www.ex-mil.co.uk/


The World EOD Foundation is a UK registered charity # 1062814 (www.eod.org)